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Dayton Leadership Academies

A Leader In Me School With A School Culture of Joy and Achievement

Building Partners

Community Partners Leading the Way

The Dayton Leadership Academies is happy to host three community building partners. Teach for America, Americorps and Eastway Behavioral Healthcare. At Dayton Leadership Academies, we strive to be a FULL SERVICE school for not only the student but for the entire family. Thus, our commitment to creating and maintaining exceptional partnerships with community organizations is to make sure we identify resources for our families so that they can fully provide for their children.

Teach For America

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Dayton Leadership Academies partners with Teach For America to hire teachers for positions that are hard to fill, such as math, science, and special education. Teach For America corps members go through a rigorous selection process, complete a six-week summer training, and are provided frequent coaching and professional development during their first two years of teaching. 

Americorps Foster Grandparents

Americorps Foster Grandparents Since DLA has been in existence, the Foster Grandparent program has been part of our school community. They serve primarily in our K-2 classrooms, but all of our students benefit from the life lessons that prepare them to be leaders in their community.

Miami Valley Childhood Development

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We deliver exceptional early childhood education and develop compassionate partnerships with families to support them in realizing their hopes and dreams.


We work to lift up families and children with the goal of eliminating poverty and supporting all people to realize their potential, especially those who have been marginalized because of their race, socio-economic status or ethnicity.



Thrive Therapeutics

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Notably Gifted Arts Academy

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 We are proud to partner with Notably Gifted Arts Academy Inc. Notably Gifted’s main focus is to holistically develop young artists via educational support, the arts, group therapy, and community service for students ages 5-18.