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Dear Supporters of Dayton Leadership Academies: 

As our school name implies, Dayton Leadership Academies is preparing leaders for the future. In this report, we highlight how DLA is preparing students to be leaders in high school, how we are developing teacher leaders, and how DLA families are leading the way.

In 2019-2020 DLA achieved many of our school goals, including:

  • Student proficiency on state standards increased by 20% in reading and 30% in math based on our internal standards-based assessments 

  • Student average daily attendance was 94.15% and average attendance at quarterly parent-teacher conferences was 88.5%

  • 90% of families indicated they were satisfied with DLA as their child’s school on our annual parent feedback survey

In response to the long-term closure in the fourth quarter due to COVID-19, the DLA team quickly pivoted.  We immediately distributed devices to students, and teachers provided remote instruction daily. We launched “DLA Strong” a positive school culture campaign to keep students and families invested in school. We also provided four weeks of remote instruction during our Summer Launch program. As a result, student participation averaged 75% during remote instruction and student learning continued at DLA through the end of the school year. 

The future is very bright for DLA students and our school community. Our academic model is yielding results, our family support is strong, our finances are stable, and our community partnerships are having a positive impact. We look forward to sharing more significant achievements in the 2020-2021 school year. 

Together in Excellence, 

Joshua Ward, Board President                 Tess Mitchner Asinjo, Principal             
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