Dayton Leadership Academies

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Our Results

 Dear Supporters of Dayton Leadership Academies: 

As our school name implies, Dayton Leadership Academies is preparing leaders for today and tomorrow. In this report, we highlight how DLA continued to serve our students and families during the COVID-19 pandemic through our DLA Strong campaign. In 2020-2021 DLA achieved many of our school goals, including: 

  • 88.5% average daily student attendance during remote only, hybrid schedule, and in-person days 
  • 93% average attendance at quarterly parent-teacher conferences 90% of families indicated they were satisfied with DLA as their child’s school on our annual parent survey 
  • 87% of staff indicated they are proud to tell others they work at DLA on our annual staff survey.  
  • We are optimistic about the future for DLA students and our school community. We believe in our school model, have strong family support, and benefit from our community connections. Collectively, we will recover from pandemic challenges by investing in our students’ development, providing more resources, and leveraging our assets 

Together in Excellence, 

Joshua Ward, Board President                 Tess Mitchner Asinjo, Principal         
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