Dayton Leadership Academies

A School Culture of Pride and Excellence

Bring the Thunder


The purpose of Bring the Thunder at Dayton Leadership Academies is to provide positive, proactive supports for students in order to promote positive school culture, decrease behavioral infractions in the school setting and engage families in the DLA community. Bring the Thunder will define DLA culture for staff, students and families so everyone is clear about how we support students to be their very best.

Bring the Thunder Highlights

Engaging Families



  • Engage returning and new families in the DLA school community by celebrating student success and communicating clear expectations

  • Monthly and quarterly student celebrations

  • Daily communication to families about student progress

Clear expectations for students and families

Proactive, Positive Supports for Students



  • Implement common school-wide and grade-level routines, procedures and language

  • Implement positive, proactive supports and incentives aligned to core values to promote and reinforce positive behaviors

  • Provide all students with the supports and interventions to be successful in the school setting

  • Routine is King-common school-wide routines and procedures

  • Solid classroom routines and procedures

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly incentives to celebrate positive behavior and student success

  • Individualized student success plans to support all students

Integration of Core Values



  • Commitment to teaching, modeling and reinforcing the DLA Core Values throughout the school day.

  • Connecting all incentives to a specific core value

  • Emphasize one specific value each month in morning meetings using Thunderpoints Thunderbucks and during monthly house team celebrations.

We are Safe

  • Be Safe in actions

  • Be Safe in words

We are Respectful

  • Be Respectful to Self

  • Be Respectful to Others

We are Responsible

  • Be Responsible for my work

  • Be responsible for my choices

We are Leaders

  • Be a leader in my school

  • Be a leader in my community