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OneView Online Enrollment Instructions

OneView Instructions

OneView is designed to be a one-stop location for parents to connect with the school, update their information, fill out electronic forms, and access any other resources the district would like them to see AFTER they have identified themselves (usually things we don’t want the public to see, like Bus Routes).



DLA OneView Instructions for Current Students

  1. Click on the Create A New Account button.

~If you already have an account, enter your username and password and go to Step #6

~If you need to link additional students go to step #4

~If you forget your password, Click LOST PASSWORD and enter your email and 4 digit Pin to reset

~If you still cannot access your students account please call Nurse Jodi (ext. 1106) or Ms. Robinson (ext. 1107) for assistance at 937-567-9426.

(If you already have an account go to Step #6)

2. Fill in your personal information.

3. Create your own:

~username and password(We recommend using your email for the username and your students first name for the account password)

~Security question/answer


4. Option#1 Enter Invite Code

~Enter the invite code that was provided to you and click attach.

~If you do not have the invite code please contact  Nurse Jodi (ext. 1106) or Ms. Robinson (ext. 1107) for assistance at 937-567-9426.

~Your students Name will appear in a drop down menu in the upper right corner

~You can toggle between all your linked students

5. To link any additional students go to:

~Manage Student Accounts in the upper right corner.

~Repeat the process in step #4.

6. Click SUBMIT & VIEW ONLINE FORMS then Click on Student demographic and EMA under the back to school section.

~This will need to be done for each student you have linked.

7. Update and verify all information is correct and click “Save and Submit to District”

8. This must be done for each student you have linked.

~Toggle between your students with the drop down menu in the upper right corner and repeat steps #6 and #7 for each of your linked students.

9.If you are displaced, (homeless, living in a shelter, or multifamily home) through the year be sure to fill out the separate transportation form or Mckinney-Vento form if necessary.

~The Mckinney-Vento should be used if you are unable to provide the enrollment documents, such as proof of residency, that are required by school.  In accordance with the Mckinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (P.L. 107-110), state and localities are required to address barriers to the enrollment of students meeting the definition of homelessness. Your completion of this affidavit will facilitate the enrollment of your student(s).

10. Transportation requests and address changes cannot be processed until PROOF OF RESIDENCY IS RECEIVED. Proof of residency can be uploaded to Oneview during your re-enrollment process, emailed to, or brought to the main of of Dayton Leadership Academies.




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